Ep. 1 – Pilot/Non-Compete Agreements

This episode addresses non-compete agreements. What are they? What makes them valid? And how do you enforce them?

2 thoughts on “Ep. 1 – Pilot/Non-Compete Agreements

  1. This was very informative, thank you. Can you explain the difference between a non-compete & non-solicitation? Also, in what instance would you use one or the other, or both. TIA

    1. Hi Hope,

      Thanks for listening and good question! A non-solicitation is a provision that limits one parties ability to communicate with, or solicit, business contacts, employees, etc. from the company they were previously employed with. These types of provisions work in conjunction with each other (and other provisions) to address varying types of concerns related to protecting your business operations, network, vendors, and manufacturers, etc from former employees or contractors who may have inside information as to how you run the business. I hope this brief answer is helpful, and I will add this to the list of questions to do a follow up on in a later episode! If you want more specific information, feel free to email me at jessica@lawofficeofjessicavittorio.com.

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